Cinema Souvenir - The Vanishing

Do you have a movie that’s really stayed with you? Not because it’s your favourite, but because it reminds you of a person or time or place in life? Our Cinéma Souvenir programme celebrates those films: the ones you carry with you and revisit for the memories attached to them.

This month, we’re watching a classic chosen for us by Torquil Campbell, co-lead singer of beloved Canadian band Stars, and former Fox Theatre regular. Here’s what he has to say about this stunning Dutch thriller:

“A couple go on vacation. they fight, as couples do. they stop for gas. she goes to the bathroom. and then…she vanishes. And he is left obsessed with what happened to his lover. Georges Sluizer’s slow burn descent into the ultimate terror is so beautiful, so chilling, so immaculately conceived and executed that I could watch it every day, forever. Prepare yourself for the ending. There is no more terrifying moment in cinema history. ” – Torquil Campbell

One night only! With video intro from Torq!

Cinema Souvenir - The Vanishing

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