choti choti batain

choti choti batain

Written by Sanskruti Marathe and Davinder Malhi, Dramaturgy by Jivesh Parasram, Directed by Sanjay Talwar

Co-produced with Red Beti Theatre and in association with SAWITRI Theatre

6pm, April 16th, 2023 (Public Reading)

Music Room, Brampton Civic Centre. 150 Central Park Drive, Brampton

Tickets are available at (416) 203-1227 or online at

choti choti batain (Radha Menon, Sarena Parmar, Supinder Wraich, Dhanish Kumar Chinnah, Jind Sohila, Becky Ablack, Jasmine Sawant, Sarabjeet Arora) is the playwrights’ love letter to South Asian mothers. This story takes place in Brampton, and as the death of their father brings a family to their knees, the mother of the household attempts to divorce her dead husband to find freedom again. choti choti batain was inspired by the playwrights’ own experiences with the patriarchy in South Asian/Punjabi culture and the sacrifices immigrant families must make to survive. When writing this play, the playwrights asked: what does resilience look like for South Asian women? How do Punjabi families relate to the idea of "home"? How can we find compassion for our families, while also challenging them to expand their beliefs?