Children's Author Book Signing and Reading

Manfred J. von Vulte will read and answer questions about his fifth book. Renowned Toronto illustrator, Shane Kirshenblatt will talk about the characters he and von Vulte developed and sign some illustrated pages. Author Manfred J. von Vulte and Illustrator Shane Kirshenblatt bring to life the importance of character for primary and middle school students. Join Gary the Purple Lion and Larry the Spotted Leopard as they go to school and discover that perseverance, integrity, honesty, resilience, humility, and many more noble qualities are so important to their primary school experience. Besides that, help two friends figure out just exactly what is in Gary's boot!

Middle school students, parents and educators will enjoy the second half of the book which includes more than a dozen character traits, critical questions, and genuine suggestions on how to improve as a student with a moral compass. Each section contains phrases that will help guide this specific age group.

These phrases have been with us for many generations and can be found in numerous parts of the world. Fascinatingly, their origins come from sayings grandparents and parents have communicated from time immemorial in different tones, volumes, and degrees of emphasis. This book takes specific universal tenets and seeks to combine them with cultural and ethnic wisdom, while presenting them in English, but also communicating them in some of the languages of the world, so that their intrinsic value can mean more to the speaker and to the listener.

Explore Authentic Character Formation Phrases in:

Halkomelem and Kwak'wala (Indigenous Languages), French, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Czech, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Persian - Farsi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Urdu.



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