Broken Beats w EMBRYON / BassDriven

EMBRYON & friends...


A night of broken beats, breakcore, dnb, edgy electronics and straight up hardcore techno!


Hector Mamajuana - NYC

You may remember Hector from the legendary Teknival/Northtek events, but nowadays you'll see him alongside ANY hardcore jungle dnb headliner passing thru New York. This night, Mamajuana's bringing us a special three deck mix session.


Coming off a recent album release and a 2018 Alec Empire remix! Oxygenfad looks to regain his title as most memorable live act. Bring your own Nintendo DS for added fun.


Representing team Kniteforce! With several solid tracks coming out in the past few years, Scartat won't be holding back on this round. Expect crossbreed, hardcore & hard drum n' bass

NinJah FarEye

"Bumbaclot - WIKKID WIKKID REWIND ME SELECTAAAAAAHHHH" -Doormouse, in response to NinJah's latest Suck Puck Records release.


A mainstay at the Om and Harvest events, Spazzmonk has some heavyweight gems for the crew.


A legend in his own right, Fuzzboy has been contributing to the Canadian hardcore/gabber scene since ‘99. Also one of the funniest djs you’ll ever meet!

Support your scene, support the music you love & we can make great things happen. We got this!

!!!!!! Respect to all those that have played our stage, supported our vision & been on this journey with us all these years !!!!!!

Embryon welcomes everyone to enjoy this event and celebrate our love of all things HARD together without discrimination, harassment or abuse. It is import that we maintain a safer space for our community. If you see anything that goes against these principles, please let us know so we can find solutions. Be excellent to each other.

19+ Event | ROAR in effect

Tickets Available at the Door

A new concept for Embryon. We feel blessed to be doing events continuously since our inception & proud to have the worlds longest running history of hardcore event! Now, we want to share our vision of community by supporting & featuring friends & fellow promoters. For our next installment, we have the most excellent hard breakbeat obsessed BassDriven crew taking over!