Bazaar of the Bizarre

Plastik Wrap presents: The Bazaar of the Bizarre - Circus Side Show 2019

Not your average craft show - Where the freaks, weirdos, goths, punks, and even normies meet, mingle and feel at home! ;)

The Bazaar of the Bizarre brings you arts, fashion and crafts that are : different, interesting, weird, strange, one of a kind, macabre, whimsical or just things to flip your brain out! All handmade ALL CANADIAN!

Full on with entertaining freaks, dancers, tarot readers and other oddities!

SUNDAY April 21st 2019. T
open to the public from 11am - 8pm
6 NOBLE st.Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement (queen west/dufferin area)

FREE for the public to attend!

Plastik Wrap
Gabrielle Neveu Art
Nighttime Nicholas
Dylan Madeley, Author
Hedo cosmetics
Three on the Treetop
BlackMyst Clothing
Blackwell's Horrific Arts
Incense Republic
GRRRL Spells
Leah Nielsen Tarot Readings
D Fitz Creations
Jess Hrycyk
Dasilva Illustrations
The Curious Magpie
Unravelled Crocheted Items
Cheeky Doodles
Sword in the Stone Crafts
Mental Floss Sideshow
Le Petit Chapeau
Vanessa Walsh Erotic Watercolours
Inspiration Vintage
Refraction Glass Works
Hearts and Scars
Young Pup Lingerie
Alchemist and Druid Formulations
Rapture and Repent
The Wychwood Witch
Creatures of Conspiracy
My Heart and Armour
Tessera Oracle
Yozhik is Blue Illustration and Design Studio
Animal Liberation Kitchen
Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary
Maiden and Crow Apothecary
A Scented Path
Valkyrie Bone Crafts
It's A Lark Productions
Lady Lagomorph
Klutz Mega Korp.
Clover & Crimson
KtAddison Draws
BEE23 Natural Beauty
New Moon Technocraft
Beaux Magique
Rebel Joy
Cursed By Design
Skulls n Broken Hearts
Fn Vegas Art
Art of Keith Busher: Precious Mutations
Helmut & Co
Sick On Sin
Meddling with nature
West. Toronto Photography Group
Into the Labyrinth

Bazaar of the Bizarre

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