Artist Talk: Frantz Brent Harris' Artist Talk

Frantz Brent-Harris is a Jamaican sculptor based in Toronto. His work is predominantly figurative and explores the complexities of outward-projection spectator perception for black people. His work tries to portray in a tangible form the constant tension of double consciousness and cognitive dissonance that corrupts the psyche of Black, African and Caribbean people when encountering the barrage of negativity from a white supremacist society.

The latest series of sculptures by Frantz Brent-Harris includes busts of Black people, born from his awe and admiration for Black youth who are pioneering an agenda of self-acceptance. Busts have been historically reserved for Eurocentric figures, celebrating rich, white and often racist men. Unapologetically, his artwork stands in defiance of historical notions of heroes and representations of beauty and questions who we deem worthy of being immortalized with a statue.

Join us outside at the Toronto Sculpture Garden on Saturday, May 27th at 2 pm for a conversation with artist Frantz Brent-Harris about his practice and his process!


Please note this event will take place outdoors, please dress for the weather.

This event will be filmed.

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