Angelhacks Toronto -- A High School Game Jam

A 12 hour high school game jam for all the coders, artists, musicians, storytellers and gamers in the Greater Toronto Area!

Angelhacks Toronto is an event where programmers, artists, storytellers musicians, and much more come together to create a game in a limited time. We're welcoming beginners and experts alike!

You can make anything related to games! Like (but not limited to), platformers, Sprig games, ARGs, board games. Your imagination is the limit! You can also make assets, music or design levels for games!

They'll be food, workshops, prizes + more, and adult supervision at all times.

Angelhacks Toronto is one of 4 gamejams happening across North America with the main event in Boston, and 2 others in LA, and the Bay Area.

You can learn more here:

Hack Club is a nonprofit global network (based in the U.S.) and online community of student-led coding clubs & High school makers. Founded in 2014, Hack Clubs are now in nearly 400 high schools with 10,000 students each year. You can learn more about Hack Club at

If you have any questions, please send us a email at

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