Allies and Friends March

Citadel + Compagnie is thrilled to have our presenter-in-residence back for their three-part performance series Allies and Friends. This mixed bill fuses poetry and movement for an evening of intimate and insightful performances.


The collective’s artists will perform whispers, a work originally choreographed by Kevin A. Ormsby and Lilia Leon and with music composed by Judith Manger, now reimagined by Claire Whitaker and Bakari Lindsay. whispers presents a journey to self-discovery through the veils of Blackness.


Meryem’s work is often an invitation towards a softer and sensorial experience of dance. She will be performing a new solo inspired by devotional dance, incantations and breathing practices of various Sufi devotee groups in Morocco. The solo will be a reinterpretation of these practices through the lens of Western contemporary dance, which is Meryem’s main dance and performance training.

vagabon, vakabon, et al

A character study. They switch and chip, slither and flaunt; simply and fervently. A provocateur restrained, a fixture moults, spills out of bondage…..good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening…