The Whore Store Presents… aborted.

Abortion is a subject that people shy away from. Abortion is also something that has a lot of shame surrounding it, creating a stigma. This show is a way of breaking down these stigmas & making light of them, and talking about reproductive rights in a safe yet fun way. This show will break down barriers around abortion, proving that it is not only a woman’s right, but a human right. And just like any other topic talked about in comedy, we will make you laugh just the same. We have some of the funniest comedians in the city coming to this spotlight, starring:

Tamara Shevon

Rush Kazi

Anna Luo

Tara Henderson

Marlena Kaesler

Cassie Cao

Laura Di Labio

Amanda Custodio

Headlined by Sandra Battaglini

Tickets $18 online, $21 at the door


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