45 Books in 45 Minutes, Spring 2023

Ben, Rupert, and Danielle will be sharing their favourite books of the season. It's the perfect opportunity to hear about what to read over the Summer months, whether you'll be on a beach, or a dock, or whizzing around town on the 501 Long Branch replacement bus.

As the name implies, we'll do a round-up of the 45 books we found noteworthy this season: that includes both fiction and non-fiction, and a variety of genres, from mysteries to literary fiction, and from memoir to political history. And we'll do it all in (about) 45 minutes. You'll get all that insight distilled into the perfect tidbit. And maybe even a joke or two thrown in!

Whether you're looking to find the next book to curl up with, or else the perfect gift, be it for a birthday or a thank-you for inviting you to a weekend up North, we'll have you covered, cover to cover.

The presentation will be hosted on Zoom, and tickets are $10, available on Eventbrite. We'll begin the talk at 6 p.m. sharp, but you'll be able to sign in earlier.

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