11th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase

Bringing the Best Independent Canadian and International Animation to Toronto!

On Saturday, July 29th, the Toronto Animated Image Society TAIS is thrilled to present a summer night of animated dreams: two 60 minute programmes of short animated films, the results of the 2017 Anijam competition, and a new interactive work in VR by artist Zeesy Powers.

11th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase

Saturday July 29th - 7:00PM

Geary Lane - 360 Geary Ave. Toronto

Tickets: $10 advance / $12 door / $8 door TAIS members

Featuring 20 short animated films, all created in the last two years, the finalists in this years programme cover a variety of genres and stylistic approaches to the animation art form. Including ethereal and spooky dreamscapes, car chases, evocative abstraction, environmental issues, humour, sentimentality, and themes that speak to a positive Queer future, this years programme features narrative and experimental films from 9 different countries: Canada, USA, Costa Rica, UK, China, Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, and Taiwan.

This programme is for mature audiences only.

Also featured at the Showcase is TAIS BIG EYES Sharp Teeth Anjiam competition. With 20 entries this year, these 10-second animations bite off more than they can chew. We're excited to watch this year's competition! It will be fierce!

And last but not least, Zeesy Powers, TAIS 2017 Canadian Artist in Residence, will present her work for Virtual Reality entitled The Could Be You as part of the event. Produced in TAIS studios, this interactive VR experience puts participants in the body of a 90 year old female in the middle of techno-dystopic environment.

The annual Animation Showcase is produced by the Toronto Animated Image Society, an artist-run, non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to exploring and promoting the production of independent animation.

See you all on July 29th!

Programme listed below.

Full details available at: www.tais.ca/showcase


presented below in alphabetical order by title

Au revoir Balthazar

Rafael Sommerhalder

Switzerland, 9:30, 2016, stop motion, narrative


Evan DeRushie

Toronto, Canada, 10:51, 2017, stop motion, narrative

Not in competition for Jury prize

Bone Guitar

Julianna Cox and Payton Curtis

Elora, Canada, 1:22, 2016, stop motion, music video


Steven Woloshen

Montreal, Canada, 3:58, 2016, experimental scratch on film


Julian Gallese

Costa Rica, 7:06, 2017, hand drawn, narrative


Shane Beam

United States, 4:46, 2017, hand-drawn, narrative

Death Van

Michael Enzbrunner

Toronto, Canada, 5:32, 2017, 3D animation, narrative

Not in competition for Jury prize

Hi, It's Your Mother

Daniel Sterlin-Altman

Toronto, Canada, 4:53, 2016, stop motion, narrative


Etienne Kompis and Fela Bellotto

Switzerland, 3:35, 2016, 2D drawn and 3D animation, narrative

In a Heartbeat

Beth David and Esteban Bravo

United States, 4:05, 2017, 3D animation, narrative

Jenny in the Self-Checkout Line

Nick Fox-Gieg

Toronto, Canada, 2:10, 2017, drawn frame-by-frame with a Vive controller, narrative


Ted Wiggin

United States, 3:10, 2017, experimental

Lotus Lantern

Xingpei Shen

China, 6:30, 2017, hand-drawn, non-narrative


Laura Hodkin

Scotland and the United Kingdom, 3:26, 2017, 2D drawn, non-narrative


Alisi Telengut

Montreal, Canada, 6:00, hand-painted, non-narrative


Tzu-Hsin Yang

Taiwan, 5:22, 2017, hand-drawn, hand-painted, narrative


FIG House

Oakville, Canada, 5:00, 2017, stop motion, narrative

Sister Narcissa

Dylan Glynn

Toronto, Canada, 2:20, 2016, 2D drawn, narrative

The Pear

Wang Yihao and Tong Reko

China, 6:25, 2016, hand-drawn, watercolour painted narrative

The Stunt Manual

Ben Fernndez

Spain, 9:37, 2016, stop motion

11th Annual TAIS Animation Showcase

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