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Community comes to support of Toronto convenience store that lost thousands in inventory

When one Toronto convenience store lost thousands in inventory this week, people in the surrounding community rushed to support them.

The Six Convenience in Etobicoke is relatively new to the corner shop scene in this city, but is already changing the game with a little more than the average store.

They've been scooping Kawartha ice cream, and bring in rarer products like exotic sodas and candies, Rap Snacks, Halo Top and Tim Hortons ice cream.

Sadly, their stock of frozen products was pretty much wiped out due to an unfortunate equipment malfunction over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Someone posted to Facebook alerting the community that the store "lost thousands of dollars in inventory this weekend due to a freezer malfunction" and hundreds of people reacted, with dozens commenting on and sharing the post.

"Perhaps this is a good time to stop by and support an awesome community business," the poster continued. "Who doesn't need candy and ice cream! That's a statement, not a"

"We had a walk in freezer installed last year and the compressor broke a few months after the one-year warranty was up," Six Convenience owner Alexandra Korenevsky tells blogTO.

"We closed the store and by morning we realized it had started to melt, giving it away would be a food hazard. So we started the clean up process. We are still in the process of throwing out everything from the walk-in freezer."

She says she's still adding up all the losses, but estimates it's a loss of about $6,000 to $8,000 so far.

"I don't want to go through insurance because when we had a theft a few years ago they said its $1,000 deductible and insurance will go up so much. Also they don't guarantee it will be covered because the equipment is not insured," says Korenevsky.

"Luckily a local restaurant recommended a good freezer repair company and they've replaced the compressor. So local businesses have also been supportive of us."

People have been commenting in support of the store and saying that the people who run the shop are lovely.

"Thanks for posting and letting us know," one person wrote. "I love this little shop and I hope they recover from the loss soon. Will definitely head over for a treat this week."

"We just had some Ben and Jerry's ice cream delivered tonight," another person commented.

Though the weather's getting colder, hopefully this well-liked little shop will be able to manage the maintenance of their freezer easily and won't experience any more hiccups so everyone can keep getting their icy cold treats in Etobicoke.

Six Convenience is hoping to continue their good relationship with the community, too.

"We've done community charity events where we donate our slushies and machine so hopefully in future that will include ice cream too," says Korenevsky.

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