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Potential aconite poisoning at Markham restaurant was from spice products not the food

A new update in the saga of one Markham restaurant and multiple sick patrons is indicating it wasn't the restaurant's fault at all.

Last Sunday 12 people who dined at Delight Restaurant & BBQ reported becoming seriously sick with a number of symptoms including numbness, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, headache and rapid heartbeat.

A number of these patrons were treated at the hospital, with a few remaining in care for multiple days. 

A subsequent investigation from York Regional Public Health (YRPH) was launched to try and find the source of these illnesses.

It is believed these symptoms may have been caused by a food ingredient contaminated with aconite, a "product derived from plants and plants that contain toxic alkaloids," said YRPH.

Now, the investigation has revealed a "strong indication" the illness was "caused by a spice product contaminated with aconite."

York Regional Public Health listed two spice products; Mr. Right brand Kaempferia Galanga Powder, a cooking spice, and Mr. Right brand Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii Powder, "a product that may be used as a traditional herbal medicine."

It is strongly recommend that any individual who may have this product in their home or business not consume it and throw it out immediately.

Samples from the restaurant, food and other sources were already taken by YRPH and are awaiting lab results to confirm the exact cause of illness.

These products have been removed from retail locations across York Region and investigators are working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Ministry of Health to "limit exposure to the product."

On Aug. 31, the health team re-inspected the restaurant, which successfully passed the inspection and is now permitted to reopen.

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York Regional Public Health

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