markham restaurant mass poisoning

Several customers still in hospital after eating contaminated food at Markham restaurant

York Region Public Health (YRPH) has updated the public on their investigation into a Markham restaurant where multiple patrons became seriously ill after eating meals there over the weekend.

Yesterday, YRPH confirmed they were aware of multiple sick patrons of the Delight Restaurant and BBQ after two prominent GTA doctors said they were hearing reports of a mass poisoning event.

Now that an initial investigation and the examination of patrons' symptoms has started, it is believed "the illness may be caused by a food ingredient contaminated with aconite."

This is the toxin both Dr. David Juurlink and Dr. Michael Warner alleged caused the mass poisoning event.

"Aconite is derived from plants and plant roots that contain toxin alkaloids and can cause severe illness; aconite containing plants is used in herbal medicine when prepared in a particular way that removes toxins," said Dr. Barry Pakes, the regional medical officer of health in a statement.

This is just a hunch from YRPH who have to confirm 100 per cent what exactly caused the sickness.

Twelve people reported extreme health symptoms after consuming food from Delight on Sunday, Aug. 28 with the majority already recovered and discharged from hospital.

However; there are "several" customers who remain severely ill in hospital with improving conditions.

Symptoms reported from these 12 include; numbness or tingling of the tongue and limbs, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomitting, headache and irregular or rapid heartbeat.

Samples of food and other sources have already been taken from the restaurant and are currently being tested. Lab results are expected to be delivered by the end of the week.

There is no significant risk to the public and restaurant owners are cooperating fully with the health investigation

Anyone who has eaten at Delight Restaurant on 1250 Castlemore Road recently and has developed symptom, should contact York Region Public Health, if they haven’t already. This includes people who ordered takeout or delivery.

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