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Toronto man goes viral with tweet about how husbands suck at grocery shopping

A mysterious Toronto man has been amusing hundreds of thousands of strangers online this week with a post that is both hilarious and painfully familiar to anyone in a long-term relationship.

The tweet in question will resonate with boyfriends and girlfriends, girlfriends and girlfriends, mothers and daughters, responsible brothers and lackadaisical brothers, or pretty much any other half of a close connection.

Its origin, however, stems from a funny interaction between a husband and a wife — a type of interaction that many people on Twitter seem to have experienced themselves.

It's also a type of interaction that some women are calling out as problematic.

toronto viral tweet

A silly tweet sent out by a user called @gourmetspud has gone super-viral, racking up more than 200,000 likes in just a few days. Image via Twitter.

"My wife thinks so little of me," tweeted Gourmet Spud, who does not wish to reveal his full identity but confirmed to blogTO that he is a Toronto resident, on July 3.

Attached to the tweet was the screenshot of a text message from his wife, who asked him to pick up some romaine lettuce while grocery shopping.

The request isn't an unusual one — romaine lettuce is dope — but the wife's inclusion of a photo showing exactly what romaine lettuce looks like (presumably so that her husband doesn't get confused and bring home iceburg lettuce or something) struck the tweeter as comical.

He wasn't the only one who thought the text message was post-worthy.

Gourmet Spud's original tweet has garnered nearly 10,000 retweets, 237,000 likes, and more than 700 replies — many of them from people who were keen to share their own stories.

As it turns out, this grocery photo thing is not an isolated phenomenon; spouses all over the world have engaged in the pratice of digitally micromanaging their partners at the supermarket from afar.

"Not going to lie, I have made multiple mistakes that my wife does not send me to the grocery store anymore," replied one Twitter user.

"Oh no, this reminds me when my boyfriend took the head of cabbage out of the fridge and said he was gonna have a salad. I said ok, but [you're] probably not gonna like it. He was very confused," shared another.

"My husband never bought vegetables fresh until we got together," revealed another still. "He honestly did buy cabbage thinking it was lettuce the first farm stand he went to. Luckily it was delicious."

While some partners seem to prefer getting pictures sent over trying to figure out a vegetable on their own, there are a few naysayers in the thread who are holding up the tweet as an example of "weaponized incompetence."

"Funny how many of you think it's funny and [acceptable] for a grown man to be treated like a toddler," wrote one. "I mean if that's what you dudes want, whatever blows your hair back I guess."

"It's what some women need to do to make sure their spouses/boyfriends don't bring home the wrong item on purpose," pointed out another Twitter user astutely.

"It's called weaponized incompetence. Men pretend to fail at household chores so that women are forced to do the brunt (or all) of the chores."

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