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Toronto's new ice cream sandwich shop is already completely sold out

If you're looking for more than just your average store bought ice cream sandwich, there's a new bake shop in Toronto that transforms this popular summer dessert into a work of art. 

Earnie's Icebox is an artisanal handmade ice cream sandwich company that specializes seasonal rotating flavours and other tasty treats.

The company was born out of lockdown when owner and founder Julia Haist quit her job to pursue ice cream sandwich creations full time. 

"I had a couple of experiences where I had gone to get an ice cream sandwich and I ended up just not quite having the experience that I wanted. I saw so many people starting their own homegrown food businesses and I've always loved making food, so I've been kind of cool to do something like that. Ice cream sandwiches are such a great vessel for creativity," Haist told blogTO. 

Haist's ice cream sandwiches are noticeably thicker and richer than the average sando, and both the cookies and ice cream used for the sandwiches are made from scratch. The entire process can take up to three days to complete. 

ernies iceboxSome notable flavours include coconut key lime pie, strawberry rhubarb, peanut butter and jam and black forest. Each bite has a perfectly balanced cookie-to-ice cream ratio, with nothing sliding or falling out as you go. 

They've gained a following of regular customers so far, many of whom turned out in droves on opening day and bought out the shop's entire weekend supply.

You can find Earnie's Icebox at 403 Jane Street.

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Fareen Karim

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