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Someone in Toronto ate their neighbour's delivery order and wrote a note explaining why

If you're like me, then you've definitely been using online food delivery apps often due to restrictions.

Unfortunately for someone in Toronto, their neighbour ate their restaurant delivery order and left a note explaining why.

A note was left in the laundry room of an apartment building according to Kitty Winter who posted a picture of the note online.

The note reads "...there was a bag from McDonald's in our vestibule, just sitting in front of the building door. I saw it, waited for 10 minutes to see if anyone would pick it up."

mcdonalds food delivery

A hungry yet remorseful neighbour left a note explaining why they ate the McDonald's meal. Photo by Kitty Winter.

The note further explains how they were trying to figure out who the order belonged to but had no identifying information on the bag. "It also did not say what delivery service brought it."

The hungry neighbour then proceeded to take the food back to their apartment because they didn't want to leave the order outside as it might attract pests. 

After no luck trying to figure out who ordered the food with the transaction number, the neighbour ate the meal. "I hate throwing out food, so I ate it! It was a quarter pounder with the cheese removed, small fries and a large Coke." says the note.

Although the neighbour did end up eating the meal, they did have a bit of remorse, explaining how they would be happy to reimburse the person whose meal they ate. The neighbour did apologize for eating their burger since they couldn't find who order it.

"A thief with a conscience," one person commented.

"Omg the hamburglar lol. This is wonderful," another person joked.

While most comments were jokes about the situation, some weren't too impressed with the food thief.

"I stole your food and I can't mind my own business so I left a passive-aggressive note instead of leaving it where the person who ordered it could find it," one commenter chimed in.

There have been no signs of whether the neighbour has been found or not but hopefully, they'll be able to get their hands on a quarter pounder with no cheese, small fries and large Coke soon.

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Stephen Pingry

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Someone in Toronto ate their neighbour's delivery order and wrote a note explaining why

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