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Toronto restaurant furious after Bell accidentally cuts off their phone line

As if this hasn't been a hard enough year for restaurant owners, the team at Italian stalwart Tutti Matti was shocked to discover that Bell had erroneuously disconnected their phone line this week.

Owner and Chef Alida Solomon says she had been contacting Bell for over two weeks in an effort to fix WiFi problems that had existed within the building.

After constant rescheduling and cancelling of the service appointment, Bell said they would send over a technician Wednesday morning.

Waiting at the restaurant since 8 a.m., Solomon was informed by Bell that a technician had come by and claimed no one was there, something that she said couldn't possibly be true as she had been there since well before their scheduled arrival time.

To make matters worse, when Bell sends a technician over, they often disconnect the phone line before the technician gets to work, and apparently in this case it was never reconnected.

"Within 3 hours I got an email from a customer saying the line is out of service," Solomon told blogTO. "I checked the phone and it's completely dead."

Solomon then spent over 7 hours on the phone with Bell supervisors trying to get the problem fixed while stressing that customers would think her restaurant went bankrupt if they were to try and call only to be met with a disconnected phone line.

Five technicians were sent to Tutti Matti before the problem finally got resolved on Thursday evening over 30 hours after it first occurred.

Yet even with the phone back up and running, the restaurant's voicemail is still disconnected and the previous WiFi problems are still in place with Bell unable to send over another technician until Tuesday following the long weekend.

Solomon took to Instagram to vent about the problem, with Bell's official Insta account replying in the comments.

"Rest assured we have escalated this information and a specialist will be reaching out to you directly to discuss this further," said Bell via Instagram.

Being a restaurant owner is one of the toughest jobs out there, and surviving through a pandemic made it infinitely more difficult.

This was just one more unnecessary stress factor added to one of the most stressful years in recent memory so hopefully it's only a matter of time before all service is restored so the Tutti Matti clientele can once again enjoy their favourite spot.

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