toronto ice cream truck

If you live in the right part of Toronto this ice cream truck will come right to your door

A Toronto ice cream truck that will come right to your door is next-level when it comes to the coolest ways to get cool summer treats.

Sure, you can now get soft-serve delivered from iconic spots like Tom's Dairy Freeze, but nothing beats a whole truck driving down your street upon request.

The truck is driven by Tatiana Prisiajny, who was laid off from her job at a non-profit organization when the pandemic hit.

She'd always wanted to drive an ice cream truck and couldn't buy one of her own because, at about $40,000 each, they are just too expensive.

But she saw a job posting hiring ice cream truck drivers, applied, and was trained, certified and given a truck to drive (the "Blizzard Wizard").

toronto ice cream truck

Prisiajny serving from her ice cream truck. Photo courtesy of Tatiana Prisiajny.

"In an industry dominated entirely by men, people get surprised when they see me," Prisiajny tells blogTO.

"Going from buying ice cream as a child to being on the other side, driving a truck, and making people smile is one of the most rewarding feelings ever." 

Growing up chasing the ice cream truck down in Roncesvalles Village and Etobicoke, Prisiajny decided she wanted to serve the communities she'd called home, and started off with parks during her first year as a driver this past year.

"When the stay-at-home order was instated in Ontario, things had to change," Prisiajny says.

She decided to post in a local Facebook group taking requests for what streets to go down, so people could safely get ice cream from her without venturing too far from their homes.

"The response has been great and people and their pets are delighted to see me," says Prisiajny.

"Though I have to say, my favourite customers are dogs because I've never seen anyone eat their ice cream faster and then drool for more."

Street requests are free, and if you have a specific address you want her to visit you can comment on Facebook, message Prisiajny on Instagram or email her at

Lead photo by

Tatiana Prisiajny

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