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Project Food Chain is helping feed Toronto through an army of volunteers

Quickly becoming one of the most respected volunteer organizations in Toronto, Project Food Chain has helped bridge the gap between those willing to help out and the people that most need assistance.

Most recently, they've lended their support to Parkdale Community Food Bank and donated hundreds of boxes of Kraft Dinner to the beloved local organization that feeds over 3000 individuals each month.

Not limited to just food, Project Food Chain has also delivered water and hand sanitizer to various local community support groups and food banks across the city.

The goal of Project Food Chain is to help fill the homeless hunger gap with portable, shelf-stable nutrition for those on the streets without running water, refrigerators or stoves, especially during  COVID-19.

The organization thrives and is able to reach all corners of the city thanks to its massive team of volunteers who lend their time, money, and energy to supply, deliver, and lend assistance to food banks across Canada's largest city.

With a year that's been shrouded in misfortune, seeing so many people step up for a wonderful cause is a much needed sign that there's still plenty of good at there in the world.

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Parkdale Community Food Bank

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