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Ingredients for Toronto home baking business stolen off front porch

Groceries and ingredients for a baking business were stolen right off a Toronto woman's porch, in a disheartening escalation from the usual Amazon-related porch piracy.

Many people have turned to ordering their groceries online during the pandemic, and this person – who wishes to remain anonymous – was one of them. Sadly, they were nabbed after being dropped off.

The order was for about $120 worth of items, including staples like buttermilk, oil and shortening for her cake-baking business (which she also wishes to keep confidential) as well as bathroom items, bread and veggies. She says that thankfully, it was a relatively small order.

porch pirate toronto

Supplies for a Toronto woman's baking business were stolen off her porch. Photo supplied.

"I have been ordering groceries online for almost a year and never had anything stolen," the woman tells blogTO.

"I have taken the pandemic extremely seriously; baking from home allowed us to keep our daughter in virtual school and stay out of the stores as much as possible."

The home-based business deals in custom cakes and other baked goods. The woman behind it left a position as an administrative assistant at a midwife clinic almost two years ago to spend more time with her daughter and on her baking.

"I am lucky to have wonderful neighbours who offered to help out and have placed a few orders for baking."

Fortunately this wasn't the worst porch theft incident in the city on record, but it's becoming a growing problem, so hopefully we'll be able to find some sort of solution soon.

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