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There's a simple way to help Toronto restaurants when ordering from delivery apps

Avoiding delivery apps is one way to reduce the hit restaurants are taking in fees, but if you find yourself still using Uber Eats there's actually a simple way to lessen the amount of the transaction they take from small businesses.

"In the instance that you are sending gifts through Uber Eats or just ordering a turkey sandwich for lunch, we ask that you use the 'order food' button in our bio to place your order," local bakery and urban mill Brodflour posted online, referring to Instagram.

"When you order from the link in any small business's bio, Uber takes a smaller cut of the transaction (7.5% vs. 30%). This difference is huge, especially during this time."

Uber Eats has always varied their commission according to level of service, so it's good to know the impact that different ways of ordering have on the business if you're using it, which Brodflour feels many people don't.

"I think it's important to bring light to the issue," they wrote to blogTO. "It's just not common knowledge to consumers."

"Local restaurants are the heart and soul of our neighbourhoods. As we navigate this second wave of COVID-19 cases, Uber Eats is supporting restaurants by providing flexible options like 0% pick-up, 7.5% for online ordering, and 15% for restaurants who use their own delivery staff," Uber Eats told blogTO in a statement.

The new online ordering system "allows restaurants to use their own marketing services, while accessing delivery people facilitated through Uber Eats with a 15% commission - discounted to 7.5% until March 31, 2021." Marketing services include Instagram and that teeny tiny little "order food" button mentioned in Brodflour's post.

So if you're looking to support local spots as much as possible but for whatever reason need to use Uber Eats, head over to your Instagram app first and hit "order food" on your fave place's bio instead of going through Uber Eats. They'll appreciate it.

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