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Toronto izakaya chain keeps launching the most unique ghost kitchens

Kinka Izakaya has been expanding beyond ramen and Japanese pub eats these days. 

Over the past month, the Toronto-based chain has launched four new virtual restaurants on DoorDash and UberEats. The range is wide enough that you can basically eat Japanese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Like a number of other budding food brands who've turned to cloud kitchens during the pandemic, Kinka is cutting the cost of brick-and-mortars and operating out of existing locations of the Kinka Family brand, and in some cases, ghost kitchens around the city. 

A few weeks ago they launched the comfort food brand Tokyo Sando & Chicken, whose menu offers Japanese sandos, karaage fried chicken, wings, and fries. 

A day later, they announced the arrival of Aburi Bunz, which specializes in blow-torched hot dog buns with fillings like porkcha-shu and finished with some decadent toppings. 

A couple of weeks ago came JapaSando & Co., the more health-focused menu featuring sandwiches and homemade soup combos, Shiina apple juice, infused tea, and cold brew coffee. 

The final and most recent arrival is Hashiya, the wafu-style pasta bar serving up noodles with Japanese sauces like Uni Cream. 

These four new brands may not have physical locations, but they join Kinka Family's growing number of existing projects incuding Kinton Ramen, Neo Coffee, and JaBistro, which are operating with takeout and delivery. 

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