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10 new Toronto restaurants you can eat at for under $10

At these new Toronto restaurants, you can eat great food for under $10. For that little, you can now satisfy your hunger with fantastic Vietnamese, halal burgers, sandwiches, Nashville hot chicken and Sri Lankan.

Here's a round-up of new Toronto restaurants you can eat at for under $10.

Vit Beo

Several items on the menu at this late-night Bloorcourt joint are just $8, including banh xeo rice crepes, papaya salad, and kho quet fried cauliflower, plus an instant noodle dish only available past 2 a.m. for $9. Plus, eating sharing style means more bang for your buck.

Ozzy’s Burgers

Fresh house-ground 100% AAA halal beef burgers go for under $10 with cheese or bacon. Lamb, vegetarian portobello, vegan and kiddie burger options as well as bacon and egg sandwiches don’t go over the $10 mark either at this joint that replaced Grilled Cheese in Kensington.

Woodfire Sandwich Co.

Most sandwiches including fried chicken, brisket, meatball and roast beef hover around the $9 mark at this Etobicoke takeout joint from the same people behind Woody’s Burgers. On weekend breakfast bowls and sandwiches are available on the cheap as well.

Green Room

Food and drinks are both astoundingly cheap at the relocated version of this beloved local watering hole, which was once in the Annex but now resides on College Street. Pad thai, wings, nachos, spring rolls, fried shrimp...not much of it surpasses $8, and all of it does a great job at soaking up boozy drink specials.

Five Points

Hidden inside Bloorcourt bar Open House, super hot wings, tenders plus crinkle cut fries and jalapeno hot cakes are all $5 across the board, which serves the thirst-quenching craft beer bar well.

Yonge Street Warehouse

This new incarnation of the Warehouse brand near Yonge and Dundas comes complete with the signature El Furniture $5.95 bar food menu. While it’s the drinks that’ll get you, at least you can eat pierogies, burgers, mac n’ cheese and sandwiches for cheap here.


Sri Lankan has never been more accessible or generously portioned than at this Financial District food court counter. Get squid, chicken, eggplant, mutton, potato or dhal curry here for less than $10, or opt for it in a wrap. There are also options for pittu, string hoppers, roast bread and rotti for equally cheap, as well as short eats.

City Canteen

Curry spice peanuts, truffle chips, pickled green beans or olives go for $3 in this Bloor West Village boutique grocery store/cafe restaurant/learning space, and a selection of fresh salads is always on offer for $6. A house pickled veggie board clocks in at exactly $10 while sweet treats like bread pudding and creme brulee go for $8.


Though larger dishes cost over $10, this industrial cafe on Geary serves snacks of labneh, falafel, tahini and hummus for less.


Breakfasts of steel cut oats with buckwheat and quinoa or grass-fed yogurt, both with Moroccan mint, mixed berry sauce and apple run for under $10 at this King East area street food spot. There are always vegan soups available for under $10 too.

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Hector Vasquez at Rusi

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