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The top 5 food trends in Toronto from 2017

Food trends that surfaced in Toronto this past year mostly turned out to be crowd-pleasing and often a lineup-inducing mix of innovative, Instagram-friendly offerings. 

Here's a round-up of the top food trends in Toronto from 2017.

Cheese-based desserts

From cheese tarts and cheese buns to cheese foam on drinks, the city was inundated with new places whipping up sweet treats featuring this beloved dairy product. We then hit peak cheese-dessert love with epic lineups after the long-awaited debut of The Cheesecake Factory.

pablo cheese tarts

These cheese starts from Pablo were just one of the many cheese-related products introduced to Toronto this year. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Charcoal everything

Food made with activated charcoal first showed up near the end of last year, but it really took off in 2017, with all sorts of creative takes that included black ice cream (plus cones), stardust crepe cakes, charcoal and black sesame cupcakes and goth lattes. This stuff may have questionable health benefits, but it sure does look cool on the 'gram.

Vegan takeover

There were previously a smattering of completely vegan/plant-based restaurants in the city, but this year there was definitely a noticeable uptick in openings specializing in animal-free eats. Mythology Diner, Parka Food Co., Palm Lane, Planta Burger, Hello 123 and a second location of Hogtown Vegan are just a few that come to mind.

assembly chefs hall

Hibiscus is just one of the many vendors at the new Assembly Chef's Hall. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Food halls

Food halls are the new food court (but better and more interesting), with Saks leading the way to start the trend here last year. The recent openings of Campo Food Hall and Assembly Chef’s Hall are keeping things solidly rolling, and many more are on their way.

Contemporary French spots 

French cuisine got a hip and delicious update here this year, with places like Aloette, Bacchanal and Cafe Cancan turning out fresh takes on classic dishes in stunning, beautifully designed spaces.

bacchanal toronto

Bacchanal was one of the new restaurant's offering a spin on contemporary French fare. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at Campo Food Hall

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