Nohohon Tea Room Toronto

Japanese tea room and marketplace opening in Toronto

A group of talented local artists, entrepreneurs and wellness aficionados are coming together to bring a full, Japanese teahouse experience to the people of Toronto.

Nohonon opened to rave reviews in Queen West a few years back, but while the business has expanded into New York, it's currently without an up-and-running Toronto storefront.

Owner Nanako Mizutani plans to change this, but her new Toronto venture is more ambitious than previous iterations of the shop, which has become known for its high-quality matcha tea (sourced directly from Shizuoka!)

"Although we love where Nohohon has grown, we want to become more than just a takeaway tea shop," reads a Kickstarter page for the new Nohohon Tea Room.

"Our intention is to build a strong foundation for Japanese culture in the heart of the city. We want to bring forward the work of the artisans that we collaborate with: our tea farmers, ceramicists, and chefs."

As part of its expansion efforts, Nohohon is collaborating with the well-loved onigiri duo at Abokichi, local ceramic artists Secret Tea Time, food illustrator Justine Wong, creative agency Makeshift Studio and tea farmers in Japan to "bring together a community around tea in Toronto."

The new space will be near Kensington Market, at 660 Dundas West, according to Nohohon's website, and will feature a tatami room for tea ceremonies, a tea bar where you can choose your own ceramic vessel to drink from, additional cafe seating, and an art gallery space.

"The space that we found is modest, but working with local artists, designers, and woodworkers, we’re transforming it," reads the kickstarter. "Through all these new spaces we hope to give you, our supporters, a fuller Japanese experience."

Supporters who pledge anything between $10 and $850 will receive rewards including illustrated thank you cards, ceramic tea bowls, bamboo whisks, matcha sets, free drinks for a year and exclusive matcha workshops.

Pledge more than $2,250 and you can take a trip with the team to the rural tea farm it sources its matcha from in Shizuoka, right beside Mt. Fuji.

With 38 backers, more than $5,000 pledged and 23 days still to go, Nohohon is already more than a third of its way toward making this happen – which is great news for tea lovers in Toronto.

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Nohohon Tea Room

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