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10 new food truck eats to try in Toronto right now

As each food truck season comes, Toronto gets to see a whole slew of new trucks hit the scene. From Mediterranean-Mexican fusion to pierogi purveyors, this season has brought with it some epic and delicious street eats.

Here are my picks for new truck eats to try this summer in Toronto.

Chicken bao

Apa's Kitchen cooks up spicy chicken stew from northwest China and places it inside steam buns from Taiwan. They call it their Mountain Chicken Bao.

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Smoked Ribs

If you're hankering for some BBQ curbside, a visit to Dang Good BBQ is in order. They serve smoked ribs in flavours like Memphis, caramel espresso, jerk, and even sweet and salty.


Wood oven cooked pizzas is the speciality on the Forno 450 Pizza food truck. They offer options like margherita pizza, calabrese pizza, and breakfast pizza.


Alijandro's Kitchen brings what they’ve dubbed “Medi-Mex fusion” to the streets of Toronto. Their most notable creation is their fawaffle, a waffle cone made out of falafel batter, filled with hearty ingredients.


Queen Arepa is a Venezuelan street food truck that despite its name serves up a great deal more than just cornmeal sandwiches. A must-try is their chachapa, two giant flat buttered cornmeal discs filled with queso fresco.

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Zucchini fritti

Zucchini fritti are just one of the dishes available at Toronto's Italian food truck, Pronto. It consists of thick wedges of steamy zucchini battered in crunchy breading, dusted with parm and served with a zesty red pepper dipping sauce.

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Cheeseburger pierogis

Toronto's first pierogi food truck, Mr. Pierogi, is taking perogis to the next level. Their cheeseburger pierogis are topped with seasoned ground beef, cheese, pickles, onions, and a special. This is probably the city's most interesting take on a Big Mac.

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Tandoori tacos

If you're fan of Indian cuisine, you should try Curb Crave's Tando Toti Taco. Chunks of tandoori chicken get placed inside soft roti bread with yogurt, cilantro, and grilled onion and peppers.

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Polynesian pork

Get Skewered serves up a healthier, more refined version of street food, albeit still on a stick. Their Polynesian pork comes with juicy pork skewers on a bed of spinach and coconut rice with peppers and cucumber.

Butter chicken burrito

If you've never had a butter chicken burrito, you're seriously missing out. The item can be found on the Kathi Roll Express food truck at either events or curbside services.

To find out where will be each day visit Toronto Food Trucks or download the Food Trucks app for iPhone or Android.

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Hector Vasquez at Apa's Kitchen

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