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The top 5 bars on Dundas West

Between College and Queen lies a funky little middle ground we know as Dundas, and as you head west the street's character only gets funkier. When going out for the night, Dundas West is a great place to look for bars both eccentric and elegant. From patios to pool tables to pinball, Dundas West has a bar for every drinker, but I've narrowed it down to five.

Here are my picks for the top bars on Dundas West.

Walking into Midfield, you might think you've suddenly been transported to a cozy corner of Brooklyn or a noir film. With tons of wooden accents and a homey, vintage feel with all of the class and none of the thrift, this wine bar is a bright, warm spot to take it easy with a glass of white or red. They also do chic little sharing plates and larger entrees like braised short rib.

Cocktail Bar
From the same owner as Black Hoof across the street, this tiny bar is shrouded in secrecy both by its vague name, which is on the tiniest of signs, and plain white exterior, but this only makes passersby want to find out about it more. They're unabashed about their taste in cocktails, not serving vodka, and do only small snacks like cheese.

The inside space is where the action is here, with frequent DJ nights from guests like Andrew W.K. in the basement. Don't confuse The Unlovable with its sister The Loveless Cafe & Bar just steps away across the street if you're looking for an event, though. They offer familiar beers but are always ready with suggestions, though they don't serve food.

Get Well
The intersection of Dundas and Ossington really heats up at night, and sometimes this bar is so crowded I can't even get in. More popular than ever with the promise of slices from North of Brooklyn, they have tons of great craft beer on tap and pinball machines, and I'm just always going to enjoy their clever name. A great off day or end-of-night suggestion, and good for big groups.

This is another one that plucks my heartstrings a little each and every time, making me want to head inside. It's super cute and cozy, and their sign is also teeny and inscrutable but makes passersby all the more curious once again. They're known for their vintage decor and eccentric bar snacks. There's also a patio out back. Get out your horn rims.

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Photo of Midfield by Jesse Milns.

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