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The 10 most outrageous food coming to the CNE in 2016

The CNE has unveiled a freak show of outrageous eats for 2016. In an attempt to top the Franken-foods of last year, the 2016 crop of dishes will test the limits of your stomach with deep-fried critters, towering burgers and sweet nachos.

Here's a round-up of the most outrageous food coming to the CNE this year.

Churro Cheeseburgers
Epic Burgers & Waffles and I Love Churros are collaborating on this beef patty sandwiched between two churros.

cne food

Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls
Howie's Cinnamon Rolls in the midway will be adding pulled pork to its doughy cinnamon rolls and topping them off with frosting.

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Bug Dogs
Bug Bistro will be serving a variety of food made with insects including these beef franks topped with slaw and crispy mustard crickets.

toronto cne food

Philly Steaklair
Philthy Philly's presents this sweet and savoury mashup, featuring choux pastry loaded with Philly cheesesteak and bacon and topped with whipped cream and chocolate icing.

toronto cne food

Roast Beef in an Edible Bowl
Eat My Bowls is piling gravy-smothered roast beef into a Yorkshire pudding bowl and topping it with horseradish cream.

toronto cne food

Sweet Potato Pie
Farm to Fryer is serving up flakey pie crusts stuffed with maple marshmallows and topped with mashed sweet potatoes and bacon.

toronto cne food

Spam Double Down
Like the meatiest BLT you've ever seen, this epic creation from Miami Press sees bacon, tomato, cheese and chipotle sauce sandwiched between two thick slices of Spam.

toronto cne food

San Fran Mega Sandwich
Get the whole shebang from San Fran Foods on one bun. This two hander is topped with crispy chicken, veal, eggplant, provolone and mozzarella, fries, pesto mayo, red sauce and finished with a meatball.

toronto cne food

Cartoon Dogs
Find Maggie's in the Food Building to down deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dogs topped with peanut butter and jam, Capt'n Crunch and spicy mayo.

toronto cne food

Dessert Nachos
Nacho Libre in the Food Building is topping tortilla chips with Nutella, strawberry puree and bananas.

The Ex runs August 19 through September 5, 2016.

Photos by Jesse Milns

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