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The top 5 patios for lazy Sunday afternoons in Toronto

The top patios for lazy Sunday afternoons in Toronto are ideal for those sunny "do nothing" days. While these joints aren't only open on Sundays, they do make for the perfect place to close out the weekend.

Here are my picks for the top patios for lazy Sunday afternoons in Toronto.

The Rhino
The Rhino offers a bare bones option that's big enough to hold you and 79 of your closest friends. It stays open until 2 a.m. even on Sundays, so if your lazy Sunday afternoon turns into a lazy Sunday night your won't have to move camp.

Dundas and Carlaw

Dundas and Carlaw
This Leslieville joint has a pretty sweet corner patio looking out onto - you guessed it - the corner of Dundas and Carlaw. If you're looking for a laid back joint where you can throw your cares away with a beer or a latte in hand, this is it.

Amsterdam BrewHouse

Amsterdam Brewhouse
If you wish you were spending your Sunday sprawled out on a dock in Muskoka - and let's be honest, we all do - Amsterdam BrewHouse should be your go-to. While you can't exactly lay out in your bathing suit, you can get a pretty sweet view of the water and kick back in a Muskoka chair with a brew.

Victory Cafe

Victory Cafe
Victory Cafe's sidewalk patio may not have a lot of bells and whistles, but sometimes all you want on a lazy Sunday is some craft beer and good vibes. Go here to ponder the future of Markham Street before Honest Ed's disappears and this little enclave changes forever.

Cabana Pool Bar

Cabana Pool Bar
This waterfront hangout in the Port Lands can get pricey but where else are you going to get a pool, bottle service and lakeside views all in one place? It'll cost you $20 to get in the door, an additional $20 if you want to take a dip and finally $5 to dry off with a rented towel (you can't bring your own) but it's all worth when they have a top DJ and you're planning to make an afternoon of it.

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What did I miss? Add your favourite patio for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the comments.

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