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The top 14 savoury pies in Toronto by type

Savoury pies are readily available on Toronto menus. Whether you're seeking out Latin, European, or North American-style comfort food, you can always find a pub, bakery or cafe that's ready to satiate your cravings for a warm, handheld pie.

Here's a guide to savoury pies in Toronto.

Aloo Pie
These soft, fried half moon pastries are a popular treat in Trinidad. Find them in Toronto at Drupati's
filled with spiced mashed potatoes and chana dal.

pies toronto

Aussie-style Meat Pies
For an Australian pie, with a flaky and buttery crust, head to the Entertainment District. Traditional beef pies with a rich, vegemite-spike gravy are among the house favourites at Kanga.

Casa Maroc on Avenue Road has this traditional Moroccan pie covered. The chicken bestilla features shredded chicken, eggs and a sweet, crunchy, layer of toasted ground almonds, all wrapped phyllo pastry that's dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

pies toronto

Find these flaky, Turkish-style butter pastries at Constantinople Bakery. You can pick up spinach-stuffed swirls and dense "water" börek that feature thin, crepe-like layers interspersed with feta and parsley.

Cornish Pasty
Grab this British staple at The Feathers Pub on Kingston Road. Each pie comes filled with ground beef and vegetables and wrapped in a flaky, house-made pastry shell. Each order comes with sides of fries, peas and gravy.

Curry Pie
You can buy this British pub-grub at the The Pie Commission on Dundas West (or at its factory outlet in Etobicoke). While just about any type of curry is an acceptable filling, you'll find the handheld pies here oozing with tender butter chicken.

pies toronto

The The Empanada Company in Etobicoke has an enormous selection of these Latin-style pastries. Here you'll find dozens of flavours ranging from the traditional beef with raisins and olives, to contemporary versions that come stuffed with Buffalo chicken or lobster.

Jamaican Patties
Randy's at Eglinton and Oakwood tops our list of best Jamaican patties in Toronto. The takeout shop has been in business since 1979 and slings out flakey, gold-hued pockets filled with beef, chicken, veggie, and ackee and codfish.

Aragvi prides itself on being Toronto's only authentic Georgian restaurant. Khachapuri are a menu must-have. They feature a special blend of cheese that's surrounded by an oven-baked, then buttered scratch-made dough.

Centre Street Deli

Head to a one of Toronto's top delis to enjoy these puffy Jewish pastries. At Centre Street
in Thornhill, you'll find four different types, including veg versions stuffed with potato or kasha as well as meatier options.

At Yummy Market, you can find these fresh Eastern European-style buns that come stuffed with savoury fillings, such as mashed potato or minced meat.

This dainty, open-faced tart from France is famous for its savoury egg filling. Get a good one at Patisserie La Cigogne where the daily selection includes four varieties: an Alastian classic, Provencale, garden veg and smoked salmon.

pies toronto

Light, flaky handheld pies with spinach and feta, or just cheese (tiropita), are among the many specialties at Greek bakery Serano on Pape Avenue.

The iconic Québécois style meat pie is on the menu at the House on Parliament. The personal-sized pies come filled with pork and are served with a tomato and jalapeño chutney as well as sides of mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

What did I miss? Add you favourite Toronto pies to the comments section.

Top photo of the Pie Commission from Natta Summerky

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