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The top 20 places to drink cider in Toronto by neighbourhood

Cider in Toronto isn't as prolific as beer, but the popularity of these fermented fruit beverages is growing along with the number of craft producers. Many of the ciders found in Toronto are of the apple variety which should be good news to those who subscribe to that old adage; an apple a day... plus you'll find plenty of fun experimental flavours to discover.

Here are my picks for the top places to drink cider in Toronto by neighbourhood.

Strongbow and Thornbury on tap plus sweet and fruity tall cans of Somersby and Seagrams hard apple cider are among the most popular alternatives to beer at Sin & Redemption.

Find Brickworks Batch 1904 Cider on tap at Against The Grain along with bottles of Pommies Dry Cider and Spirit Tree Applelager Light Cider.

Wenona Lodge is the place to kick back and pretend that you're at the cottage. Finger-licking BBQ and tall cans of Coffin Ridge Forbidden Fruit and Pommies Farmhouse Cider help set the tone.

Order a pint of Somersby Danish Apple Cider or crack open a can of Brickworks Batch 1904 Cider to go along with the top notch pub grub offered by The Kennedy Public House.

Find Thornbury Cider on draught at Stout Irish Pub along with at least a half dozen ciders in cans or bottles. Standouts include Pommies Dry Cider, Rusty Bling Red Cider and 66 Pick-Up Cider.

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The Only Cafe is among Toronto's best beer bars and here you'll find an always changing selection of brews on tap. Recent features have included Ironwood Tres Robles Oak Aged Apple Cider, Waupoos Blackberry Peach County Cider and Small Talk Vineyard Shiny Apple Cider.

The Get Well boasts an impressive selection of brews in bottles and cans among which you'll find at least a handful of ciders including Waupoos County Cider, Magners Irish Cider and Strongbow.

In addition to Beerbistro's rotating cider of the moment on tap, expect to find bottles of Spirit Tree Draught Cider behind the bar.

Cider drinkers know that C'est What is an ally. The beer bar focuses exclusively i\on craft Canadian brands and in addition to Waupoos always on tap, you'll find rotating features and bottles of Pommies Farmhouse Cider, Ironwood Cider, Brickworks Batch 1904 and Queen Street 501.

cider toronto

Sausages and ciders are a perfect pair at WVRST. Expect to find familiar labels like Pommies Dry Cider, west coast imports like Troy Cider Wild Apple and 101 Cider House, and rarities like Barrett Fuller's Secret bourbon barrel-aged cider from West Avenue.

West Avenue Cider on draught and tall cans of Sir Perry's Pear Cider and Brickworks Batch 1904 Cider are highlights on the bar menu at Clinton's Tavern.

cider toronto

Over 120 craft brews on tap are the main attraction at Craft Brasserie. When it comes to ciders, expect to find selections like Brickworks Batch 1904 and Spirit Tree Estate Draught and Dry-Hopped ciders.

Graze your way through a spread of tapas at Bar Isabel and pretend you're in a Basque-style sagardotegi. The bar menu boasts an impressive collection of bottles including local faves like West Avenue Cherriosity and imports such as Itsastegi, Sagardo Naturala and GĂŠrard Maeyaert, PoirĂŠ.

Expect to find a rotating cider on tap at The Rhino as well as cans and bottles including Strongbow, Magners and Sir Perry Pear Cider.

The Rebel House is a midtown watering hole where the beer list boasts Waupoos County Cider on draught along with bottles of Pommies and king cans of Brickworks Batch 1904.

Discerning cider drinkers will find a selection that surprises and delights on the weekly draught list at Barhop Brewco. The bottled options are impressive too featuring easy drinking options like Brickworks Batch 1904, Coffin Ridge Forbidden Fruit and Spirit Tree Draught ciders.

You'd expect a Brit pub like The Queen & Beaver to carry U.K. imports like Cornish Orchard Gold Cider. Less expected is the love for Ontario-produced ciders from labels like Pommies, Spirit Tree and West Avenue.

Cava embraces the Basque practice of pouring cider from a height to aerate the liquid before it reaches the glass. Here you'll find West Avenue Heritage Dry Cider along with French imports like Sidre Brut Eric Bordelet and still (not sparkling) Basque ciders like Bere Traditional and Isastegi Traditional.

Along with the rotating tap selection at Bar Volo, look forward to bottles and cans of West Avenue Gold Dust, Spirit Tree Estate Sparkling Crab Apple and Coat-Albret Cidre Bouche de Bretagne.

Land a table on the flight deck at The Pilot to discover half a dozen different ciders on the menu. KW Craft Cider, Somersby Blackberry Cider, Strongbow and Magners are among the selections.

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