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The top 10 under the radar fish and chips in Toronto

Toronto is full of great options for fish and chips. It takes a deft hand and good alchemy to get a piece of fried fish right. The batter needs to be chilled, barely whisked together, and bubbling with either beer or bicarbonate. The chips are sliced not too thin or thick, and a good mix of fluff and crisp; and the sides - either tartar sauce, coleslaw or mushy peas - must be able to adequately contrast the beige masses the cook is developing in the fryer.

You'll have to forgive me for blowing the roof off these off these joints, but those who serve good fish and chips can't be kept secret. Here are my picks for the top fish and chip joints in Toronto you might not know about.

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Long held to be the best fish in chips in Etobicoke, McNie's draws customers from the downtown with the traditional U.K.-style battered haddock fish and fresh-cut chips folded into real newsprint. You can even get mushy peas.

My Place Fish and Chips
Scarborough is treated to My Place Fish and Chips, another very British spot. They serve both haddock and halibut fried to perfection, with crispy outer batter and chips for pretty cheap.

Sun Crisp
This longtime Weston establishment makes a classic fish and chip dinner, complete with coleslaw or mushy peas. Their fish (cod, halibut or haddock, well battered) and chips (hot and fried in fresh oil) are both crunchy and (relatively) light.

Golden Crisp
Another Weston gem, Golden Crisp has a loyal following, though the business has changed hands over the years. The fish is good, especially the haddock, but they shouldn't cut corners with the frozen fries.

B&B Fish and Chips
B&B Fish and Chips in Leslieville is a classic, serving up thick-battered fish and fresh chips rolled into several layers of newsprint, like a football of greasy goodness. I'm hesitant to say it's too greasy (it is deep-fried after all) but it's definitely up there.

Long Branch Fish and Chips
Long Branch Fish and Chips serves halibut, haddock and cod with an even coat of batter that's crispy but not too thick, with lemon wedges and tartar and fresh cut fries. Bonus: There are mushy peas and coleslaw on the menu.

Chubby's Fish N' Chips
The fish and chips at Chubby's in Rexdale are golden brown and crispy, and always served with a friendly smile and a chat. The prices are a dollar or so more than some other spots, but the portions are huge - so you get what you pay for, and then some.

John's Fish and Chips
There's a lot of love at John's Fish and Chips in Islington. They pride themselves on the best, freshest fish and serve halibut, haddock, orange roughy and tilapia, and generous portions - no tiny Dixie cups of coleslaw or sauce here - making for an excellent family-run place.

Viking Fish and Chips
Nothing like an old Coke canteen sign displaying the menu. It's like getting a meal at the rink (and wasn't that the best?). Since 1952 Viking Fish and Chips has been frying up fresh chunks of halibut and fresh fries with very delicious coleslaw. The Etobicoke place is classic, clean and friendly.

Hamish's Kitchen
Hamish's Kitchen in Scarborough has that traditional vibe, as the font is Old English and the tables covered in tartan. The fish, haddock, is done in the traditional style too, deep-fried to perfection and the chips are crisp and fresh too.

Did I miss any? Leave your picks for fish and chip restaurants that don't get enough attention in the comments.

Photo from Golden Crisp by Jesse Milns.

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