Fairmount Park Farmers Market

The Fairmount Park Farmers' Market

The Fairmount Park farmers' market is a new Toronto farmers' market for 2013. The market boasts a wonderful sense of community identity, encourages volunteerism, and despite its small size, has a variety of unique vendors. At only 3 months old this market, envisioned by local resident Kim Antonius, already has a relaxed bustle that makes it all the more enticing. There's free live music and an mbira player named Moyo Mutamba regales those who'll listen with African folk stories from 3:30pm to 4:30 every week.

Here are some of the vendors to look out for at the Fairmount Park farmers' market.

Abokichi Rice Cafe
This quaint white tent doesn't look like it has much to offer but don't just let looks deceive you. Self titled rice baller Jess Mantell sells handmade classic Japanese Onigiri, her special magic seaweed, and what seems to move especially fast is her crunchy chili oil. The spicy sesame oil is loaded with flavour and sold out while I was there ($9 for a healthy sized mason jar).

Fairmount Park Farmers Market

Blackbird Baking Co.
Locals flock to this stall quickly devouring owner Simon Blackwell's stock of fresh daily baked breads. Blackbird Baking Co. creates their artisanal breads and baguettes out of a shared space provided to them by master chocolatiers SOMA. Using a mix of all organic flours (hard white, rye, red fife, and their very own local sourdough starter) to achieve their savoury results. They tend to get cleaned out of everything so get there early.

Fairmount Park Farmers Market

For a quick pick-me-up and some fair trade coffee this is the spot to go in Fairmount Park. Not in need of a caffeine fix? Coffeecology also has a delivery service. And not only is the coffee delivered in sustainable mason jars (12oz. jar $12.75) but they will also grind to your machine type, and it comes via bike delivery weekly.

Fairmount Park Farmers Market

Backyard Urban Farm Company
No one takes local, fresh, and sustainable more to heart than these guys. The Backyard Urban Farm Company (or BUFCO) will build, install, design, and consult those interested in starting their very own sustainable vegetable garden. Garlic, chard, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, and more; vegetable landscapers Arlene Hazzan Green and husband Marc Green are eager to show the intimated and uninitiated just how simple it is to have good food at your fingertips.

Fairmount Park Farmers Market

Grassroots Organics
What would a farmers' market be without its excellent harvest of local Ontario produce? Go here for cucumbers, fresh rhubarb and, at a very reasonable $1.50 a bulb, the oft hard to find Ontario garlic.

The Fairmount Park farmers' market runs Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm. Find it at 1725 Gerrard St. East.

Fairmount Park Farmers Market

Discover more of Toronto's farmers' markets via our Toronto Farmers' Markets Pinterest board.

Writing by Nick Smith. Photos by Jesse Milns.

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