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Drake Hotel unveils details of their new restaurant

The Drake Hotel officially announced plans for Drake One Fifty today. As previously known, this 6,000sf restaurant isn't going to be the newest Parkdale/Junction/West Queen West haunt. In fact, Drake One Fifty will be situated right in the heart of Toronto's Financial District at 150 York St. An interesting move for the hip hotel brand which has long distanced itself from central spots such as this.

Set to open in early Summer, the restaurant will seat 175 guests and will include a dining room, 70-seater patio (a hot commodity in this neighborhood), bar, "micro-Drake General Store," curated art gallery and a performance space. So basically, it's the Drake Hotel, just set in a neighborhood where none of their current clientele would step foot for dinner, unless entertaining their in-laws with a Mirvish show, or lining up for a bite at neighbouring Momofuku. Interesting choice.

Executive Chef Ted Corrado, formerly of the ambitious C5 at the ROM (now shuttered) and current corporate executive chef at the Drake, will oversee the menu, including both lunch and dinner, serving up the same dining ethos we've all grown to love and crave: a contemporary take on classic comfort food.

As someone who now lives on the east side of University, after years of calling west end neighborhoods like Parkdale and Little Italy home, a move like this definitely sparks my interest. Not having to endure a tenuous, unreliable, 30-minute streetcar ride to get to my favourite west end brunch splurge spot will be a welcome change. I just wonder how the bankers, lawyers and general business folk will embrace their new neighbour.

Will the Drake really be the Drake without the creative class that generally populate the dining room and patio? Or will this new incarnation be a complete change, and a welcome addition to the "power lunch" set? It's definitely a nice escape from spending your lunch hour trapped in the PATH.

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