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10 bakeries to buy pumpkin pie in Toronto

Pumpkin pie in Toronto may not be totally exclusive to this time of year, but it does seem to crop up with deliciously spiced abundance over these next few weeks. Whether for Thanksgiving, fall gatherings, or simply an excuse to eat pie, bakeries start gearing up for the inevitable rush of autumn pumpkin pie requests right about now. And with good reason. Just prepare to call ahead and/or reserve to call dibs if you're keen to get your hands on a pumpkin pie from one of these places.

Yummy Stuff
Yummy Stuff does its pumpkin pie "deep dish" style, meaning you can count on a pretty hefty crust to spiced-pumpkin-goodness ratio. Perfect for those especially keen on creamy pie filling. Available mostly around Thanksgiving time, Yummy's pumpkin pies come in a small size perfect for two or three ($8.00) or a large pie to split amongst eight or more ($15).

Moo Milk Bar
Moo Milk Bar is not just milk 'n cookies! (though it's understandable that you might get distracted by its take on the winning duo.) Yes, baker Danielle Oron has also mastered the art of the classic pie, taking orders for her pumpkin treat all year round. This pie is a standard nine-inch pie, and undoubtedly goes well with a little "Bottom of the Bowl" Milk Bar milk.

Wanda's Pie in the Sky
Really, what is a list of pies if it doesn't include a nod to Wanda's? Wanda's Pie in the Sky starts whipping up her pumpkin pies right around this time of year, selling them right through the holidays up until the first week of January. Needless to say, they're not a hard sell. Wanda's pumpkin pies come in six-inch ($9.95), nine-inch ($20.75), and 11-inch sizes ($38.00).

Kensington Natural Bakery
Kensington Natural Bakery always seems to consider any and ever specific dietary need, and even when it comes to pumpkin pie, Kensington pulls through. Its pumpkin pie is vegan-friendly — no eggs or milk in the filling — and made with its signature spelt crust. Available throughout the year, this nine-inch pie is among the best priced on this list at $8.75.

Dufflet always seems to flaunt something to ruin your diet, and Thanksgiving time is certainly no exception. Along with its brandy pumpkin cheesecake and mini pumpkin tarts, Dufflet makes an ultra-smooth classic pumpkin pie that's only available up until the last week of November. In other words, you should probably start hoarding now. A nine-inch pumpkin pie is $19.00.

Flaky Tart
Flaky Tart does its pies straight-up old school, so you can count on this pumpkin pie as perhaps the closest thing to grandma's recipe (minus the guilt: "What do you mean you don't want another slice?!"). Available seasonally like many of Flaky Tart's options, this pumpkin pie is eight-inches and priced at $16.50.

SanRemo Bakery
SanRemo has an unbelievable bakery spread, and that spread is only enhanced when its pumpkin pie makes a much-anticipated annual arrival. Along with its pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin spiced latte (eat your heart out, Starbucks) SanRemo's pumpkin pie crops up early August. Full-sized pies start at $5.99.

Mabel's is another bakery that does its pumpkin pie deep-dish-style. Maybe it's a west-end thing? These pies arrive once autumn hits and are baked up fresh right through Christmas. Mabel's does its pumpkin in two sizes — a small-ish five-incher for $5.95, and a nine-inch pie for $16.50.

Dundas Park Kitchen
Friday is pie day at this Dundas West kitchen and in time for Thanksgiving you'll find buttery, flakey, from-scratch pastries filled with pumpkin and topped with a pie dough mousse.. Order and 8" pie for pick-up prices at $18. Limited quanities will also be available on a first come first serve basis on Saturday at the Wychwood Barns farmers market.

Bobbette and Belle
Preorder your pumpkin pie or apple crumble for the holidays from this east-side bake shop. An 8" pie is priced at $25 but you can inquire about mini tarts too. Yonge and Lawrence locals can also be thankful for a second location opening in their hood this week.

Bang Bang
Looking for an unconventional twist on this traditional Thanksgiving favourite? Order an XL ice cream sammie (serves 12) packed with pumpkin spice ice cream from this Ossington Ave. ice cream parlour and bakery.

APieCalypse Now!
Thanksgiving orders for all-organic pumpkin pie are being accepted until 9pm on Friday, October 10 for pick up on Saturday the 11 at this vegan bakery in the Annex. A 9" pie sells for $21 while 6" pies are $11.

Photo of Dufflet's pumpkin pie by Alexandra Grigorescu

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