stop night market toronto

The Stop's Night Market draws a huge, hungry crowd

The Stop's Night Market was quite possibly the nicest, best-catered summer soiree in the city. The fundraising event took place last night in the spacious alley way of Bloor and Bathurst's Honest Ed's and featured 27 food vendors representing some of the city's finest restaurants. In addition, each vendor was also paired up with a design team to create one-of-a-kind food stands, transforming the parking lot space into the most aesthetically-pleasing (and delicious) spot of the night.

stop night market toronto

Not your average food event caterers, the Night Market drew out acclaimed restaurants such as Woodlot, The County General and Cowbell out as well as new favourites Hawker Bar and Yours Truly.

Offering up signature dishes, event-goers were able to sample a bit of everything, as portions for each stop were petite enough that testing out all 27 vendors wasn't too daunting (or filling) a task.

stop night market toronto

Highlights included Hawker Bar's "son-in-law" eggs — a one-bite wonder that bursts with flavours — Woodlot's beef crudo which was topped with duck yolk, and Bushwick's shrimp cocktail which was a refreshing bite to combat the sweltering hot weather.

The all-you-can-eat-and-drink aspect of the event made for quicker and smoother service than your average food event where tickets and payment often slow things down and results in lengthy waits.

stop night market toronto

Even the longest of lines only lasted a few minutes before reaching the front of the booth which was an enormous plus. And with all the free-flowing drinks — from Steamwhistle to margaritas and even coconut water — not one complaint was heard all night.

stop night market toronto

The designs also imparted a unique personality to each vendor and, upon walking into the alleyway, is what immediately caught your eye. The wave of white cubes designed by the Ryerson Department of Architectural Science drew everyone towards Neptuno's oysters as soon as they stepped into the market but Fugitive Glue and [R]ed[U]x Lab's sculptural wooden creations also showcased the creative innovation behind some very talented designers. It almost made you forget that you were walking into the everyday alleyway you always pass by.

Additional photos:

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Writing by Melody Lau / Photos by Natta Summerky

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