Toronto Ice Cream Sundae Challenge: Waffle Sundae

The Great Toronto Ice Cream Sundae Challenge: The Waffle sundae!

My first experience with waffles involved, as I believe is the case with most people, Eggos. In fact, other than at the Golden Griddle weekend brunch, Eggos were the only waffles I knew right up until adulthood. It's for this reason that for a long time I didn't really get the big deal about waffles. I'd be told by friends to try this place because of their amazing waffles and think to myself "who cares?" The concept of amazing waffles didn't even really exist to me, that is until I actually ate amazing waffles and instantly forgot about the world of Eggos forever.

There are a handful of places in the city worth getting waffles at, among them is Starving Artist and while most things on the menu are tasty, a blueberry waffle sundae might be the tastiest of them all — here's why.

ICE CREAM: 3.5/5

The blueberry and ice cream waffle sundae usually comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but for reason's I can only assume have to do with fending off heat zombies looking for relief, on my visit they were out. This was no big deal since instead I was given the option of strawberry, chocolate, cookies n' cream or cookie dough. The obvious choice is cookie dough, but since I'm watching my figure--cookies n' cream.

The ice cream itself was unspectacular in that it was maybe kept a little too cold and thus a little tough to get through with a spoon. It moistened up after a few minutes though, and I forgive them for it. A place like Starving Artist doesn't have the room, resources or necessity for a dedicated ice cream freezer maintaining optimum temperature.


My ice cream was served with two still warm blueberry waffles, whipped cream, caramel sauce and fresh blackberries on top. There's a menu of different combinations to choose from or, of course, you can build your own waffle sundae with a selection of syrups (maple, chocolate, strawberry, caramel), spreads (fluff, peanut butter, nutella), toppings (nuts, chocolate chips, reeses chips), and fruit (apple, banana, blueberries etc.) — and whipped cream is free!


This is the kind of presentation that will have the kids going bug-eyed in anticipation of diving in and getting sticky. Assuming there are kids around that is. If you happen to be by yourself as I was, just wait for the server to turn around and do the same.

VALUE: 4/5

At six bones this waffle sundae is totally worth the price of admission. It costs more than that to park a car in this city and parking a car comes with no scoops of ice cream. But honestly, fair price; the waffles are super fresh, the ice cream (while too cold for my sensitive palate, poor me) was tasty and the whole thing was covered in whipped cream and caramel. No complaints here!


Outside of the ice cream issue, this thing is pretty close to perfect. It gave me a really good idea though that I think is perfect and Starving Artist should implement immediately: the Ice Cream Benedict. It's a dessert version of the world's greatest brunch item, you make it with two of their small round waffles with a nice round scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of each and covered in a not-too-thick lemony custard. And to really blow people's minds, inside each of the scoops of ice cream would be some runny caramel. Culinary genius!

FINAL SCORE: 21.5/25 (86%)

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