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There are those who love regular ice cream, and others who swear by the Italian style milk ice. The latter set lovers will be pleased to know that Solferino is making special Valentine's Day flavours. With a lighter smoothness and denser texture, gelato is a great platform for letting its flavour component sing. Chocolate and fruit can shine with intensity, so what of the more intriguing and sensuous sounding specials like Romantic Rose Petal?

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The rose petal also contains lavender and the taste is reminiscent of herbal flower teas, with threads of dark chocolate. Joyful Cinnamon Heart is just like the ubiquitous little fiery candies but has a smooth finish due to its milky undertone. Hot Chilli Chocolate is a deep rich chocolate base with a touch of cumin and a slow heat that tickles the back of your throat just when you least expect it.

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Ingrid Fischer, my jubilant gelato guide explains that everything is made on site, from scratch, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible. Pride in being artisanal shows in the details. The hot chocolate is made from melted Callebaut and cream mixed with frothed milk. Pesto in the vegetarian sandwich is homemade fresh by Ingrid. Originally slated to head the shop's marketing, she has since been running the place, truly loving that the cafe is evolving into a community hub. They also hold events such as an upcoming opening/wine and cheese for February 28th. The first opening was in November and Manish Pothen's Toronto to New York and Back photos are still on display.

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But the main thing is still of course, the gelato and the Valentine's Day flavours which debuted two days ago will extend beyond the planned one week slot due to patrons' request. It's good news for those who want to come in for some strawberry champagne, white chocolate raspberry, or German chocolate. Aficionados can also look forward to the upcoming celebratory St. Patrick's Day beer gelatos.

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