Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

Crown Flora and Greenhouse Juice

Crown Flora and Greenhouse Juice Co. have teamed up on a storefront on West Queen West. It's a combination of a hip flower shop and a juice bar that also serves smoothies and does terrarium workshops.

The interior is jungly with exposed brick and pale wood allowing Crown Flora's living products to jump out at you. Industrial elements are highlighted rather than hidden, like fluorescent orange piping that runs through the shop.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

It's a bit of a squeeze as you get to the back with any stroller or mobility device, but there's no real hindrance in rolling up to the smoothie bar.

Crown Flora Toronto

They hand out samples of their smoothies regularly, often even standing outside the shop with a sunny smile, like the Rococoa ($12) for example. Though pricey, with the word "cocoa" in it this drink is sure to win over even smoothie skeptics. It's made with nut milk, banana, raw almond butter, cacao, medjool dates, maca, coconut oil and vanilla extract.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

Greenhouse Juice Co. cold-presses all their juice, which means more of the nutrients are less broken down in the organic fruit and veggies they use, since their goodness isn't being adulterated by the heat and oxygen most home juicers add. Their press is hydraulic instead.

greenhouse juice

Juices run from $8.50 for 250 ml to $11.50 for 500 ml.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

As for Crown Flora, they sell an imaginative range of plant goodies, from small projects and cute gifts to full-size trees. This isn't your grandma's florist: there's a ton of green in here and succulents to spare. Try your hand at bonsai, or if you've been feeling unlucky, pick up a hydroponic money tree for $45.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

Even if you're not looking to break the bank and can't haul a whole tree home, if you want to add the colour, scent, and beauty of plants to your home there are options like $15 lavender bunches.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

They also sell really cute pots that make their own funky statement, like these pineapple pots which go for a reasonable $20.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

Through a window at the back the whimsical customer can spy a small garden, which adds even more aesthetic lushness to the space.

crown flora toronto

You can stare at it and fantasize about the terrarium workshop you might take out there one day, as a pro at the custom terrarium station directly in front of the window puts one together for you.

Crown Flora Greenhouse Juice Toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez

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