Cumberland Four Cinema Yorkville

Cumberland Cinema set to enter the deadpool

The Cumberland Four Cinema will screen its last movie, serve its final batch of popcorn and lock its doors for good at the end of business Sunday night, according to a spokesman for Cineplex, the current owners of the theatre.

"[The landlord] gave us the notice they were expected to, and we provided notice to our employees as well," says Pat Marshall from the company's head office. "Most of our employees are going to work at other theatres — they were all provided with that option."

The Cumberland Four had been renting the space on a month-to-month basis until the landlord told the company it had to go. No word exactly on what will become of the building though we've heard an unconfirmed rumour that some kind of club might be on the way (we'll provide an update if/when we know more on this).

Last year rumours circulated that the building might be demolished to make way for condos but a last ditch deal between Alliance and Cineplex saved the theatre from closure. Just over a year later, however, the deadpool has come calling once again, and Cineplex has answered.

And that's bad news for Toronto film lovers. What do you think? Should Cineplex have fought harder to save the cinema from closure?

UPDATE: 17:47

A reliable source close to the deal says "a high-end cafe" will rent the space once Cineplex moves out. Definitely no condos or boutique shops; one tenant will occupy the entire building. Who could be moving to Yorkville?

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