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Smoke from out west bringing otherworldly red sun to Toronto skies

Dramatic red sunsets and smoke-filled hazy skies continue to loom over Toronto, as dozens of wildfires continue to rage across the Prairies and force thousands of people out of their homes. 

As of Monday evening, there are around 90 active wildfires burning in Alberta, 23 of which are classified as "out of control." There are also further wildfires in northeastern B.C., Saskatchewan, and the N.W.T. 

Although the effects of the wildfires are far less destructive in Toronto, the Weather Network warned residents in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes that we'll notice "smoke-filled skies" and a red-tinted sun in the coming days.  

As common with any weather phenomenon, southern Ontario residents quickly took to social media to upload images of the menacing red-hued sun that hovered over the region. 

"The amount of smoke produced by the intense fires will make for more than just some photogenic sunsets, potentially leading to health problems for vulnerable people as we progress through this week," an article by the Weather Network reads

Satellite imagery on Monday evening shows a thick blanket of smoke looming over Ontario, but a strong jet stream over the northern half of the country is expected to transport the majority of the smoke toward the eastern provinces. 

A special air quality statement was issued for portions of far northwestern Ontario on Monday, and was eventually expanded to the south to include more regions.

Despite the region's hazy skies, Toronto's air quality hovers between "low risk" and "moderate risk" from Tuesday through Wednesday night. 

Although Alberta is no stranger when it comes to wildfires, unusually high temperatures and an exceptionally dry start to the year have jumpstarted wildfires at "a horrifying pace." 

"We are not out of the woods. I don't believe the worst is behind us. We need to be prepared and ensure our resources are best placed where that fire danger is going to be most extreme," Alberta Wildfire information unit manager Christie Tucker said.

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