toronto streetlight art

Somebody took home a Toronto streetlight for an epic art project

If you saw a random streetlight deserted on the ground, would you take it home with you?

Well if you're somebody like local resident Lauren Gibson the answer to that question is yes.

Gibson chronicled her journey of stumbling upon a seemingly busted streetlight on Lake Shore Boulevard and hauled back to her home with the aims of creating into a massive work of art just a few says ago. 

"Casual, just an entire crossing light on the ground," reads the opening of her TikTok video, where the light eventually finds its way to her bathroom.

The video explains that multiple people told Gibson to snatch up the gigantic yellow metal piece and even some nearby street technicians told her it was ok to take.

Not to worry good citizens, she did not steal it, and she does pays taxes, as confirmed by the video's hashtags. 

Have you ever realize how big streetlights are? This one basically takes up Gibson's entire bathtub.

Commenting on the video, Gibson said the light was also extremely heavy to lug home and that she placed it in the bathtub for a good scrub.

Gibson just happens to run the Broken Cage Gallery on Richmond Street and will showcase the finished streetlight piece there, she tells blogTO.

She is currently taking suggestions on how to transform or design it.

Lead photo by

Lauren Gibson

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