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Someone turned their dog into the cutest mobile TTC WiFi hotspot in Toronto

A dog is a person's best friend, faithful companion, and apparently a very convenient way to avoid tearing through mobile data during your TTC commute.

On Wednesday, TTC rider Jerrin James snapped a picture of a service dog carrying some unusual equipment on its vest. Instead of the standard sign asking people not to pet the dog, the vest instead encouraged interaction — including the use of the free WiFi service the dog was offering.

"I'm friendly, please pet me," the dog's vest reads, next to a pouch from the Canadian Service Dog Alliance, indicating that this pupper is, in fact, on the job. A GoPro camera mounted to the dog's back advertises "FREE WIFI."

James tells blogTO that the adorable encounter occurred on the 123C Longbranch Loop to Kipling via Sherway. "I didn't get a chance to talk to the owner since I noticed the sign when I was about to get off the bus, and I was on the bus for less than four minutes."

But despite only being on board for a short ride, James was able to snap a photo that has since been making waves on Reddit.

People are loving this internet-equipped canine, with some obvious puns receiving the most upvotes.

More than one Redditor grabbed the low-hanging fruit with a "Woof-fi" reference, while another suggested that your browsing experience on the random dog's network might be "Full of Pup-up ads." One comment says that "If they aren't a Fido customer they're missing a trick."

Others took the charming photo as an opportunity to warn people, "Please don't connect to random wifi networks. Cute dog though."

Another user jokingly suggests that the "Dog is probably a Russian spy for all we know," and at this turbulent point in history, it's not entirely out of the question.

Others in the Reddit thread stress that you should never connect to a source you don't know and trust, even if it's an adorable dog you would very much like to pet.

Comments suggest that if you're desperate and really want to use a random dog's WiFi, stick with a VPN service for an extra layer of security.

Lead photo by

Jerrin James

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