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Viral video shows wild and violent sword fight between group in Brampton

Though one 1980s flick taught us all to never bring a knife to a gunfight (metaphorically for most of us, one hopes), what happens when someone shows up with a full-on sword?

That was the case for a group of men who were caught on video brawling among themselves in a parking lot outside a Brampton Tim Hortons over the weekend, one of whom was seen at one point wielding a very lengthy blade.

(The footage is hard to watch, so viewer discretion is advised.)

In the graphic one-minute clip that is now circulating in the news and on social media, a group of about a dozen men are seen in an active altercation near a vehicle parked in College Plaza at McLaughlin Road and Steeles Avenue West, near Hurontario, around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

As the filmer zooms in from the safety of their own car, muttering to themselves and their passenger in shock all the while, it becomes clear that one man in the tussle is carrying a legitimate sword, which he raises high above his head with both hands before swinging towards others in the group.

As the armed man swings into the small crowd, others are seen fighting and falling out of view, including his apparent target or targets.

As the camera pans right, a second man attempts to run at and punch another, falling hard as he trips over yet another person who is lying on the ground in the midst of the mess.

After some try to pick up the man on the ground (who doesn't seem to be moving much) he is pushed down again, and can be seen getting stomped, kicked and punched.

He is also wailed on at one point with what looks like another, shorter weapon of some sort as others in the group appear to try to convince the attackers to stop.

Eventually, all participants end up on their feet and slowly on the move to the left, though it doesn't seem that the fight is over by the time the filming ends.

It is unclear whether the man who was laying on the ground (seen in a white button-up shirt and dark pants) was injured by the sword, or if any of the stumbling, arguing individuals are intoxicated.

"Not surprising," one person said of the incident on Twitter, calling the plaza "a mess packed with cars revving and squealing every Friday and Saturday.

"But a sword fight is not common," they add.

What type of sword it was, how it came to be involved and other such details remain unclear, though there are guesses and discussion across socials in the days following.

While many online made jokes about the scuffle, others called it "not funny at all," and a poor reflection of the local community in Brampton.

Peel police say in a press release that multiple people suffered non-life threatening injuries as a result of the incident, and are seeking any additional information about the assault with a weapon.

Persons of interest have already apparently been identified as of Tuesday.

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