TTC rides busy

TTC trips around Toronto are expected to be super busy next week and here's why

Brace yourselves for an extremely crowded TTC morning commute. 

Ridership on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is expected to have a significant increase as students go back to school and employees are forced back into the office next week. 

"This year is different from past years for obvious reasons. As we emerge from the [lockdowns] it is especially important to me that that TTC be fully prepared to welcome everyone back to a safe and clean system with service that meets the needs of our customers," said TTC CEO Rick Leary, in a news release.

Anywhere from a 10 to 15 per cent ridership increase is anticipated over the month of September, unless any new health restrictions are introduced.

Ridership levels are hovering around 60 per cent right now, says the TTC.

To help get people moving faster, the TTC will be increasing service across all modes of transportation, hiring more staff, enhancing cleanliness and increasing the number of special constables.

Specifically, the TTC is aiming to restore three minute train service on Lines 1 and 2, increase service on 29 bus and two streetcar routes, bring back post-secondary services and bring in unscheduled vehicles to fill in transit gaps.

More changes are expected in the fall as well; including expansion of WiFi on TTC buses and the "introduction of a modernized fare inspection and revenue protection model."

I suggest giving yourself extra time when taking the subway next week. 

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