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Someone posted a huge sign looking for their Toronto Caribbean Carnival crush

Toronto-area Rihanna, where art thou?

If your name is Rihanna and you met someone named Michael at Toronto Caribana a few weekends back, please continue reading.

Someone named Michael has posted a huge missed connection sign looking for a "beautiful and sweet" Rihanna.

The sign made up of three electric green bristol boards taped together on a construction fence at Queen and Roncesvalles is asking the famed Rihanna to reach out to Michael, who we are assuming desperately wishes got their number.

"Rihanna, I met you here last week at Caribana…you are so beautiful and sweet, wish I had got your contact,"  read the sign, which is signed off by a "Michael" or Instagram user @bigggmmmike.

That's Big Mike with three g's and three m's. blogTO has reached out to this Instagram user and confirmed it's the correct Big Mike.

Michael told us a Rihanna who went to Caribana did reach out, but alas, it was not the correct Rihanna. 

Michael said he was helping his friend sell merchandise at a booth on the street corner when Rihanna came to buy a flag and bracelet representing her Guyanese and Jamaican heritage.

He drive back to that exact spot on Saturday morning to hang the sign, hoping for a reconnection. 

Rihanna and her friends and Michael and his were all joking around and having a good time. Michael says she seemed "so genuine." 

Enjoying himself in the moment, Michael got so caught up he completely forgot to ask for Rihanna's contact deals.

So if you are Rihanna or you know a Rihanna from Scarborough, let Michael know you're out there!

Lead photo by

Amy Carlberg

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