Flooding is so bad in and around Toronto someone was seen kayaking in the streets

It was a particularly wet weekend in the Greater Toronto Area, and continued rainfall into Monday means residents can expect flash floods and ponding as a system stalls over the region.

Major flooding occurred in Brampton on Sunday, signalling the start of what is looking to be a very wet week in the GTA.

Perhaps the most ridiculous video to emerge during the weekend flooding was a clip of a kayaker casually paddling (with their hands) along a Brampton street, in what must have felt like the most disappointing version of Venice in history.

Some roads were completely impassable without some form of watercraft, while drivers took their chances on other flooded streets.

Localized flooding persists in Brampton, giving residents a messy start to the work week.

The City of Brampton is warning the public to stay safe around flooded areas and be mindful of the risks posed by fast-moving currents, downed power lines, and sudden erosion.

It's much of the same in Toronto, with Environment Canada issuing a weather statement for the city just after 11 a.m. on Monday, warning of locally heavy rainfall.

"Slow-moving showers and thunderstorms with local rainfall amounts of 30 to 50 mm are expected. Upgrades to Rainfall Warnings may be required."

"Heavy downpours can cause water pooling on roads. Localized flooding in low-lying and urban areas is possible."

Reports of floods around Front Street in downtown Toronto emerged on Monday morning.

The region will experience a brief break of mid-week sunny weather before the rain returns on Thursday and Friday.

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