ttc seats for sale

Someone is selling a trio of mint condition TTC seats for dirt cheap

Some classic TTC memorablia is currently up for sale on Facebook Marketplace and it's going for a very reasonable price.

For just $300, you could be the proud new owner of three TTC seats, the exact same kind installed on the streetcars today.

"Toronto TTC Red Rocket three seat bench" is the name that pops up on the listing, with an extremely accurate description that reads: "Great look. Very uncomfortable."

The seller confirmed that they acquired the bench when the TTC corporate office on Yonge Street when through a remodelling period.

The seats were part of the office's furnishings, therefore they weren't actually taken from a streetcar. But that's probably better as the bench didn't have thousands of people sweating, farting and (probably) occasionally peeing on them.

ttc seats

Three immaculate TTC bench seats are up for sale on Facebook right now. Screenshot: Facebook Marketplace.

The seats appear to be in pretty great condition and don't show any wear or tear. For a couple of extra dollars, the seller will actually deliver the seats right to your front door.

Marketplace is a hotbed for TTC merch and memorabilia if you're planning on creating a themed room in your house, FYI.

The first couple of listings show a plethora of bus signs, gold-rimmed water glasses, decades old TTC passes and tons of tokens.

If you're intersted in purchasing the bench, you should probably get onto Marketplace ASAP as this is a great deal. 

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Facebook Marketplace 

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