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Ontario teens get weapons-related charges for carrying fake guns

Two teenage boys from Ontario were caught with what looked like firearms last week, and though they ended up being realistic-looking replicas, the boys are nonetheless facing genuine weapons-related charges. 

Police laid the charges in two separate incidents, both of which took place in Richmond Hill last Thursday.

The first occurred when officers responded to a call at 8:30 p.m. on Aug. 23 and discovered that a 14-year-old male victim and his friends had been walking when they were approached by two male suspects.

The suspects yelled at them before one male took out what looked like a handgun and shot the victim several times in the chest and hand.

Upon further examination, officers found that his minor injuries were actually consistent with that of a pellet or BB gun.

While police searched the area for the suspect, they found yet another individual carrying a replica firearm. And though he had no connection to the initial suspect, officers seized the weapon and charged him.

The following day, officers found the original suspect, seized his replica firearm and charged him too.

"York Regional Police strongly advises the public, especially youth, against possessing replica firearms, such as BB guns, air guns, gel guns, pellet guns and toy guns," police said in a news release about the two incidents. 

"When police respond to any call involving a weapon, the weapon will be treated as real until an investigation can determine otherwise. There is often no way to tell if the weapon is real prior to investigation."

The two suspects are just 15 and 16 years old, and police said the investigations into both incidents are ongoing.

"Replica firearms, air guns, gel guns or toy guns used in the commission of another offense are considered legitimate weapons and those responsible will face significant criminal charges," police said.

"For the safety of our communities, we strongly discourage the purchase and use of these items."

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York Regional Police

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